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Visit Hellevoetsluis

Visit Hellevoetsluis

HIT Hellevoetsluis:

HIT Hellevoetsluis is a local agency for organizing tours, events and promotion. We know the gems of our city offering you the best day trips, both private and corporate. Our tours and events are tailored to exceed your expectations, which can be enjoyed by groups from 10-150 people. 

vestinghaven HellevoetsluisAbout Hellevoetsluis

For a long time Hellevoetsluis was the main naval port of the Netherlands. Admiral Michiel de Ruyter, Piet Hein and Maarten Tromp started their voyages from the fortified harbour of Hellevoetsluis to start their battles at open sea. The importance of Hellevoetsluis as naval Port became more important during the French occupation and the construction of the impressive and unique dry dock. In fear of a possible attack from the English fleet in the 17th century, the Defences were built around the port and buildings. The defences were modest at first, but in the late 19th century, they were expanded and modernized. In order to strengthen them, ramparts, bastions and moats were built around the unique dry dock and its buildings.

Arrangements in Hellevoetsluis

Tours to remember

Unfold the historic stories at the many museums that made the center of Hellevoetsluis as unique as it is today. Combine the discoveries with a city walk, delicious tapas, lunch, a high tea or a sailor’s menu inspired by the sea heroes. Definitely worth it!

City tour with Michiel de Ruyter

Join our “Michiel de Ruyter” – city guide for a walk through Hellevoetsluis to explore the glorious past of naval heroes such as “Maarten Tromp” and “Piet Hein”. Get to know all about these heroes and their voyages that started in the fortified harbor of Hellevoetsluis. Make your trip complete with a three-course menu inspired by the famous naval heroes. 

Maritime inspired city walk

When the Navy was located in Hellevoetsluis, there was a lot of activity around the fortified harbor. The remnants of the wall around the navy yard, the dry dock and several buildings, such as the machinist school, tell many stories of the past. In the inner city, there is a miniature model where you can see how the yard looked like. In the early 20th century the Navy left Hellevoetsluis and the characteristic activity was gone. Listen to the stories of our experienced city guide and go back in time! 

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Jan Blanken Dry Dock

The Jan Blanken Dry Dock is one of the oldest working dry dock in Europe, made of stone, It’s amazing how the techniques of two hundred years ago are still relevant today and even more extraordinary to see it yourself. The walk through the aqua ducts is highly recommended as well as enjoying the movie about the dry dock and how it works.

National Fire Brigade Museum in Hellevoetsluis

The National Fire Brigade Museum in Hellevoetsluis is located in two former naval buildings. In the past, the buildings were used as a place where the sailing ships were supplied with ropes, pulleys and bullets. In the museum you will find a rich collection of firefighting equipment from the 1650’s to the present. From hurricane lamps to the large eye-catchers. Some of the authentic vehicles are still being held in working condition. This collection from the 17th century is carefully maintained and worth seeing during your stay in Hellevoetsluis.

Foundation Defenses

Hellevoetsluis has a fascinating history and became an important naval port of Holland because of its defences, which were unique in Holland. The barracks of Fort Haerlem are very impressive. There is an interesting exhibition about the history of the fortress of Hellevoetsluis. In 1879 the construction of this great coastal battery was started. Standing on the ramparts and inside the bunkers you will be surprised of the hidden sights. During the tour you will see the beautifully reconstructed 24 cm cannon. Listen to the exciting stories and let history come to life.

Museum Ship Buffel

The Buffel was built around 1868 in steel, which was unique in that time, because wood was the standard. The ship was designed along with three other ram ships for the defence of the Dutch coastal waters. The Buffel came to Hellevoetsluis in 1896. The vessel was in service with the Royal Navy for over 100 years and served as a home for starting sailors until 1920. Step aboard the Buffel and go back in time. The museum entertains people of all types and ages.